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Whether you’re an ancient groover or not, this month’s competition will interest you! Following their sellout 2016 tour, The Musical Box is back in the UK to perform The Black Show – internationally acclaimed for its historical re-enactment of early Genesis’ work – at the Cliffs Pavilion, Monday 16th October at 7pm and we have a pair of tickets to give away! Visit: for more details.

To enter, please send in your name and contact details to: Oracle/Musical Box Competition, Oracle House, 11 Clarence Road, Southend SS1 1AN or email: by the 29th September 2017. To win more tickets for other shows, please follow us on social media. Good luck!


About The Musical Box

  • It’s the 50 years anniversary of Genesis.
  • Peter Gabriel watched the show in Bristol with his family, and was greatly impressed.
  • Original members, Steve Hackett and Phil Collins have both performed with The Musical Box.
  • The theatrical show features a surreal journey and many elaborate costume changes, capturing Gabriel’s persona of the 70s.
  • For those who are fans of Genesis/Gabriel era, The Musical Box are an amazing present day re-creation for both young and old.
  • The Musical Box is the only band exclusively licensed by Peter Gabriel and Genesis.
  • Gabriel and Genesis also went on to provide them with their actual vintage gear, stage props and instruments from the legendary tour.
  • The Musical Box have performed to over a million audience members in some of the world’s prestigious venues including Royal Albert Hall London, Olympia Paris to name two.
  • The Musical Box performance the mythic 23 minute long “Supper’s Ready” is considered to be one of the most intense live music experience ever created.
  • The Musical Box is a 5 man group, Montreal based quintet formed over 23 years ago..with the mission of bringing that classic era Genesis back to present day audiences.
  • The Musical Box consist of Francois Gagon – acoustic and electric guitars, Sebastien Lamothe – bass, bass pedals, acoustic and electric guitars and vocals / Denis Gagne – lead vocal, flute, oboe, and percussion / Marc Laflamme – drums, percussion and vocals / Guillaume Rivard – keyboards, 12 string guitar and vocals.

‘It was better than the real thing actually. It was great, that was fantastic’ – Mike Rutherford

‘They are not a tribute band, they have taken a period and are faithfully reproducing it, in the same way that someone would do a theatrical production’ – Phil Collins
“The Musical Box recreated, very accurately I must say, what Genesis was doing. I saw them in Bristol with my children so they could see what their father did back then” – Peter Gabriel

“I cannot imagine that you could have a better tribute for any act. They not only manage to sound, but look virtually identical. It seems as though nothing is too difficult for them” – Steve Hackett

THE MUSICAL BOX, internationally acclaimed for its historical re-enactment of early Genesis’ works, is coming back to the UK, following their sell out 2016 tour to perform The Black Show a re-imagining of their critically acclaimed, progressive rock tour “Selling England By The Pound’ Aptly timed to celebrate 50 years of Genesis in 2017, this year the show will include classic songs from all of the bands early albums. The emblematic 1974 show, originally only ever seen in America, allowed Genesis and Peter Gabriel to attain rockstar status and became a pivotal moment in the bands history, to this day enjoying a cult following from nostalgic and young music lovers alike.

With Peter Gabriel’s famous theatrics and Genesis’ unique musicianship, the band’s artistry would produce some of the most iconic images and sounds of the progressive rock era, such as the mythic, 23 minutes long Supper’s Ready, considered to be one of the most intense live music experiences ever created. The Musical Box shows are the closest fans can get today of the full Genesis, early years tour experience.

Exclusively licensed by Peter Gabriel and Genesis, THE MUSICAL BOX has performed for more than a million spectators worldwide in some of the most prestigious venues such as the London Royal Albert Hall, and had the privilege of receiving Phil Collins and Steve Hackett from Genesis as performing guests. With its quest for authenticity, THE MUSICAL BOX is often cited as the best interpretation group in the world, proving the relevance of performing contemporary classics.