(August) Oracle Photo Competition

2018 Photo Competition@288x-100

It’s time to clean up those Kodaks and lose them lens caps because Oracle is, once again, looking for its local photographers of the 4th year running!

It’s time to clean up those Kodaks and lose those lens caps because Oracle is, once again, looking for its local photographers for the 4th year running! Again there are three categories this year, open to all ages – Local Wildlife, Local Landscape, and Local Architecture. The winner of each will receive a portrait shoot for themselves, their family or a friend and a printed canvas to keep, worth £175! They will also receive one-to-one beginners’ mentoring
by local, award-winning, professional photographer, Keith Hoskins, of Picture Perfect photographic studio, based in Chalkwell. Not only that, but the winning entries will also feature in Oracle magazine and be put on display in Picture Perfect’s studio window on the Ridgeway! You may use any camera, including smartphones, but your pictures must be high-resolution and of good enough quality to reproduce in the magazines. All entries may be used by Oracle for any other purpose and the author will be credited where practicable.

To enter, please send in up to three photos (one per category) with titles and/or a brief description, along with your contact details, to our email address: info@oraclepublications.co.uk, no later than Monday 20th August 2018. If you are under 18, please also include your age as this will be taken into account during judging.

Give it your best shot!

To help you take that perfect picture, Keith has a few hints and tips to help you on your way:

  • If you have a case on your smartphone, it’s best to
    take it off and give the lens a wipe before shooting.
  • Lighting is most dramatic in the early morning
    and late afternoon/early evening.
  • Unless it’s setting, taking a photograph directly
    into the sun can be dangerous for eyes and
    can also cause flare in the lens. Avoid this by
    shooting away from the sun or side-on to it.
  • Wildlife often moves quickly so use the ’sport’
    setting on your camera and a fast shutter speed
    setting. If your subject is moving across your
    vision then move your camera with it while you
    take the photo. This is called ‘panning’.
  • Remember the ‘rule of thirds’ when composing
    your shot, i.e. a shot looking across land out to
    sea usually looks best if either the sea or the land
    take up two thirds of the photo.

Good luck everyone!
Visit Keith’s website to see some of his award-winning work: www.pictureperfect.pro