London Southend Airport continues to invest into airport’s future

Date: November 2020

  London Southend Airport continues to invest into airport’s future

The airport has already demonstrated a proactive stance when managing covid safety measures, exceeding Government guidelines to protect employees and passengers. Following the recent announcement to trial new security screening equipment which will allow passengers to leave liquids and laptops within bags speeding the journey and preventing touch points, investments continue with yet another development.

The airport has continued work with Smiths Detection and today announce another project that is underway to install two new baggage x-ray screening machines for hold bags. Once a bag is checked in for the hold it will travel along a new conveyor belt to one of two new x-ray machines.

 The x-ray screening equipment (HI-SCAN 10080 XCT) developed by Smiths Detection is the next generation high speed checked baggage system. The data generated provides the highest resolution images possible to optimise detection performance whilst also offering 3D technology. Each machine can process up to 1800 bags per hour and with two available 3,600 bags can be checked ready to fly.

 Once screened they are loaded onto baggage dollies and transported to the aircraft where the baggage handlers will store them in the hold. This skilled job considers weight and positioning to ensure the aircraft is balanced and ready for take-off.

 Your bags journey is as crucial as your own when boarding, it is a lot more complicated than many may consider. From security checks to safely loading, while ensuring the correct bag is on the correct flight, various airport roles come into play behind the scenes, each working together for a seamless service.

 Glyn Jones, CEO of London Southend Airport said,

“Safety and security are our number one priority and this latest investment will see two new x-ray screening machines in place by the summer. Whilst passenger numbers are down due to the second lockdown, the quiet periods allow the work to be completed with minimal disruption. We will continue to invest into the airport to build on our excellent service and facilities.”

 Work is expected to be completed in summer 2021 when the airport hopes to see air travel begin to recover from the pandemic. Local companies and trades people have been selected for the project in line with the airport’s commitment to the community.

 Glyn Jones continues, “With many holidays cancelled or deferred during 2020 there is demand for a safe return and we will be ready to welcome our customers. There are many benefits to our regional airport, the safety measures are a great example. Efficiency, not just in reacting to challenges and implementing new measures but also in the customer experience as we continue to be recognised for our fast and enjoyable experience through the terminal.”

 Richard Thompson, Global Director for Aviation, Smiths Detection said, “We are delighted that London Southend Airport chose us as their partner to deploy the latest and highest specification security screening equipment. These systems will provide operational efficiencies and passenger experience improvements behind the scenes, all of which will be invaluable both as air travel picks up and many years into the future.”

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