A Bright New Beginning

Date: 05-05-2022

A Bright New Beginning

We believe it is time for a new beginning. A new Association that is open to all residents of Thorpe Bay. One that is fair, transparent and above all else, non-political. An association that reflects the views of its residents and is not afraid to voice them where needed.


We have started on the right path

We want to see greater harmony within our community by organising and advertising local events. The support you have shown us in such a short space of time has been amazing. It is clear we have started on the right path. We aim to be the hub of everything that is important to Thorpe Bay, by keeping you up to date with what is going on locally, championing fund raising for local charities/clubs and raising awareness on important issues.
We believe that by working in conjunction with other Residents Associations for the good of us all is huge. Shoebury RA has already thrown down the gauntlet to a relay challenge. One that I have no doubt you, the residents of Thorpe Bay will rise to.
We will project a united, strong, con-
sultative voice to our new City Council. This way we can ensure the Council understands what Thorpe Bay residents views really are on the big issues. This includes planning and our street scene. It is only by working with different partners we can move along together. For too long this has been missing.


Please get in touch

Local business is crucial too. Adventure Island have kindly donated a couple of tickets which we plan to use as a prize in a children’s competition. Encouraging the growth of local business in the area benefits us all. As a local business owner please get in touch to see how we can help each other.


Would you like to be part of something new and vibrant?

If the answer is yes head on over to our website and download our application form.
Membership is free and open to Thorpe Bay residents only. If you are in a position to do so, a donation (recommended £10) to help with running costs would be hugely appreciated.
You can find us at www.thorpebayresidents.co.uk where you can download a membership form. Alternatively you can contact us by email info@thorpebayresidents.co.uk or telephone me directly on 01702 597007.

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