Happy New Year!

Date: 29-12-2021

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome to this page. I hope you have been fortunate to have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, filled with happiness and laughter with your loved ones.


Sadly there were many people who were alone this Christmas due to COVID restrictions, family or friends living so far away or the loss of a loved one and it being the first year without them.
Times are different now and we need to learn to adapt to many changes and restrictions which can be daunting especially if we are lonely.
We all need to be loved but by starting to love ourselves is the foundation of happiness.


New Year Resolution

Start the year as you mean to go forward look for the positive things each day and be grateful for them. Always look forward because what ever happened yesterday is in the past, in fact even a moment ago is the past so plan good things to look forward to and keep moving forward. I don’t mean forgetting our loved ones but by living as they would wish us to live, happily. I tell my client’s to start a journal and take the time out to write down at least 5 things that were good that day and then at the end of the week look back and notice that not every thing is negative.

Take time out for you to do something you enjoy doing or just make a call to someone to show that you care. By helping another and showing that you care can make you feel good too.


You cannot help your thoughts but you can choose what you do with them

Most of us by nature are negative but you can change this by being conscious of your thoughts, instead of saying “I can’t do that “change it to “I can do that but I choose not too at the moment.” By having the choice and controlling your thoughts you can change your inner language that will really help how you feel emotionally.


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