We must help the Ukrainian people and stand up for democracy

Date: 30-03-2022

We must help the Ukrainian people and stand up for democracy

I have been humbled by the huge generosity shown by local residents for the Ukrainian people affected by the unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine. Just as after the murder of Sir David last year, Southend has demonstrated what an exceptional community it is and how lucky we are to be a part of it.

I have been hugely impressed by the tireless efforts of local charities, the Leigh Community Centre and local restaurants such as Domowe Obiady U Babci, in collecting donations and raising awareness of we can all do to help. Donations can also be made through the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal at https://www.dec.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-humanitarian-appeal
I have been doing all I can to help local residents with relatives in Ukraine seeking refuge in the UK, including holding an emergency surgery to support Ukrainian families. I have raised everyone’s concerns with the Government, gaining assurances from the Home Secretary in the House of Commons that the visa system is fit for purpose. I would like to thank all those who have written to me and wish to open their home to a Ukrainian refugee as part of the Homes
for Ukraine scheme. 44,000 people signed up in the first five hours and
if you would like to help in this way, please visit https://homesforukraine.campaign.gov.uk


Move West Leigh Ward out of Southend West?

I have also been working on the pressing issue of the constituency boundaries. The Boundary Commission has put forward totally unacceptable proposals to move West Leigh Ward out of Southend West into Castle Point and move Eastwood and St Lawrence wards over to Southend East. The justification for this is to raise the marginally too low constituency population, but to change the map of the constituency so drastically is absurd. I argued in front of the Boundary Commission in Southend last month that the communities of Southend West should stay within the same constituency boundaries and that we should simply incorporate the St Luke’s ward from Southend East to balance up the numbers. The people of West Leigh will be much better served by remaining in the constituency they closely identify with and that better represents their interests. If you agree with me and want the constituency of Southend West to stay
the same, please email the Boundary Commission and make your views known at www.bcereviews.org.uk before the 4th April.

As ever, if you have any issues I can help with, please contact me on anna.firth.mp@parliament.uk.

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